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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The 2011 Bolero Stroller from Zooper -Review.

As you all know I have done reviews for many different strollers and I am always interested in trying new brands and designs in the marketplace. I recently had the chance to try the new release from Zooper. If you are not familiar to the Zooper Brand, let me give you a little introduction to the brand taken from their Facebook page:
As a brand, Zooper is a relative newcomer. Zooper was first introduced in America in 1999 and since then has been competing well with better known names in the stroller business.

Specialty stores, known to set demanding product standards for their merchandise, immediately recognized the quality, value and appeal of Zooper.

In addition to all of this, the line was supported by international fashion design, research and engineering, and a strong, state of the art, ISO certified factory. No wonder the Zooper brand gained swift consumer acceptance in the U.S. and Canada!
I found their store a few weeks ago and wanted to try one of their products…..Lucky little me was sent their latest design, the Bolero design stroller. The 2011 Bolero Stroller from Zooper comes standard with features that are usually only found on premium strollers. You do not have to be looking for accessories; you can get a new stroller and accessories all in one package. Not too shabby!
The Bolero features a lightweight aluminum frame, canopy that combines a UV net, rain cover, and sunshade into one, and the very convenient design eliminates the hassle of separate attachments. The seat offers you one-handed control over the recline, which can be adjusted into four comfortable positions, including completely flat. To my surprise, the canopy still covered the ladybug completely even when the seat is totally reclined!
Each front swivel wheel is equipped with independent suspension to provide a smooth ride, and the horizontal handle bar allows you to control the stroller with one single hand which is always a plus in my book. There are a couple of other features I love in this stroller and that are meant to make parents life a bit easier like the stroller storage which is also easy thanks to the self-standing foldaway design, compact size and simple foldaway hook that makes it easy to collapse…To make it even more comfortable for the parents to carry around, the Bolero also features a handle to carry the stroller around.
One more thing that is great about this stroller is that it comes in a really wide variety of really neat colors, some of them I have not even seen on a stroller before, so you can get something to match your personality and the little passenger as well!
The cup holder is designed to take coffee cups of all sizes, so you can enjoy the afternoon tea with your baby in tow…..Finally someone figured out that a stroller should be for mom as well as baby! More things I loved about the Bolero, the horizontal handles allow you to operate easily with one hand and what parent does not appreciate having a free a free hand while strolling around? There are some other features like the very convenient pocket behind the canopy that allows storage of some of those things you want to have easy access to.
Product features:
All Purpose Canopy
The new and improved full-cover sunshade is now in Zooper products-The all new design all-purpose canopy for the 2011 Zooper combines the UV net, rain cover, and sunshade into one single unit. Now, the all-purpose canopy serves all functions to shield your baby from rain, sunlight, and UV ray, saving you the trouble of bringing and setting up attachments.
Infant Safety Enclosure:
An attentive design to give your baby extra protection. The infant safety enclosure effectively prevents your baby from sliding out of the stroller.
Adjustable Leg Rest:
The three-position adjustable leg rest allows your baby to stretch and move his/her little legs comfortably and provides the best protection.
Headrest for Newborns:
The headrest, specially designed for newborn babies, is made with soft and comfortable materials to give your baby sweet dreams.
Reversible Bassinet:
With the support by this bassinet, a newborn baby can sleep soundly under full protection. You can watch your baby’s sleeping face and completely enjoy the free shopping time.
Five Point Safety Harness:
From newborn to small children, we provide your baby with the best protection. This five-point safety harness keeps your baby safe and prevents accidental clamping.
Baby Snack Tray
Four Independent Wheel Suspension
All Purpose Canopy Pocket.
Cup Holder
Single Hand Pushing
One Hand Seat Recline
One Step Rear Link Break:
A single step on the latch brakes both wheels; which effectively prevents accidents caused by delayed reactions. This is a compulsory safety standard required in all the developed countries.
Removable Front Armrest:
Easy removable front armrest protects your baby from sliding out of the stroller and provides a convenient mode for the baby get in and out of the stroller.
Foldaway Hook:
Designed for easy folding and unfolding, this simple design enables easily storage of your Zooper at most of the places.
Easy- Carry Handle:
The best handle positioning makes it easy to carry.
Simple Compact Fold:
The special mechanism makes folding away simple and easy and reduces the stroller size for easy storage.
Carseat Fasting Belt:
This convenient fastening seat belt basket type carseat to ENSURES high safety and allows the carseat to fit securely in the stroller.
Stands after Foldaway:
The unit stands independently after foldaway, so it can easily be stored in any of the corners in the house.
Ultra- Light Aluminum Stroller Frame:
The whole series uses tough yet light aluminum stroller frames, which simultaneously takes care of portability and safety.
You can find the Zooper Retailers HERE.
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The product(s) provided for the review were sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency.  My opinions are my own and not by any means influenced by any other part.


Amy P. said...

Nice review, Jen! Which color did you get? I know that the Bolero is one of Zooper's "Elite" models in the high-end category. Did you feel it was a high end stroller?

Nicole said...

Would you recommend this stroller over the Baby Jogger City Mini? I'm trying to decide between the two. Thanks!

Jen@born2impress said...

I have not tried the Baby Jogger,so I can 't really tell you, but this is a nice stroller.
Maybe you can find a place that sells both so you can compare......I will contact Baby Jogger and see if they would be interested in a review:)

lisha said...

Hi, would you recommend a Peg Perrego switch or theZooper Bolero?

Unknown said...

Hello. Could you tell me if it folds in a bassinet mode please? Thank you.

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