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Monday, October 8, 2012

Born 2 Impress Holiday Gift Guide- Peppa Pig Right on Time for the Holidays Review.

As a parent , I make sure I know what my 5 years old daughter likes to watch on TV and some of the shows she likes are certainly not allowed in my house. Now there are some that I have to say are great shows and one of those shows and big favorite ….and mommy approved is Peppa Pig.

You might already be familiar with the adorable piglet and her family and their fun filled adventures that airs on Nick Jr. The little pig that by the way is British and speaks with a British accent, loves painting, playing , games, dressing up….just like another little girl I know and that might be reason why my daughter loves the show….Well she also like the snorts daddy pig makes!

 A few days ago, to my daughter’s delight , I was given the opportunity to try some really cute Peppa pig products, including the Peek ‘n Surprise Play House from Fisher Price . The Fisher-Price Peppa's Peek 'n Surprise Playhouse allows your kids to see and play Peppa's everyday escapades with her family.

The playhouse opens up to show four floors of play space, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, and a bedroom are included in the house. The playhouse comes with more than 18 different play pieces, including two articulated figures (Peppa and her little brother George). The play house that has a retail price of 34.99 permits Peppa pig fan to see Peppa’s world first hand and they will love the little guys and their adorable home.

Another great product and a definite favorite is the Hug ‘n Oink Peppa also from Fisher Price. The absolutely adorable Peppa is a soft and lovable 12" plush toy….press her belly to hear a variety of oinks, chuckles, phrases and songs that make this little toy a great and fun play time companion!

 To make the Hug and Oink Peppa even more cute, you can overlap oinks and giggles while a song is playing…..It is really hard not to fall for the little piggy …true to the character, the plush toy features a light pink Peppa with rosy cheeks and the short red dress, this toy will be a big hit this holiday season!

 Peppa Pig Muddy Paddles 10 episodes DVD which features different episodes filled with Peppa adventures. We have seen some of these episodes already and loved them, so we ….yes me too were really excited about this DVD that portrays lots of fun situations with Peppa and her family.

The DVD lasts about 50 minutes. Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List…..Perfect for this holidays, this book is about how Peppa and George (her little brother), make their list to Santa which comes in really handy as I am going to be doing the same with the ladybug and this book is a great inspiration to get her to try and write her own list!

The book is really about friendship and sharing their little letters…spending time together and how little things can be cherished and treasured, and how even a small gift can be very special.

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Amanda T said...

I love that pig. She's too cute :D

karenmed409 said...

It is a big hit with our gals and me too. They have a very easy story line, it makes it easier for the younger kids to follow along. Thanks for sharing.

beela jhones said...

Thank you for sharing with us, I always find something new in your blog!

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